Energy recycling reduces costs - Over 20 years electronic loads with energy recovery from EA


20 years ago EA Elektro-Automatik was the first company to develop an electronic load with energy recovery. We remain today the global leader in the manufacture of electronic loads with energy recovery.  Our net feedback loads are now able to recycle the energy used in the test processes with an efficiency factor of 95%. This energy is then fed back into the local supply net.

Electronic loads are used in burn-in continuous tests of DC sources such as laboratory mains units, rectifiers and generators, in charging stations or on-board chargers and DC-DC transformers for electromobiles. In addition they record the capacity and charging cycles fom Li battery blocks and fuel cells. A conventional load converts all the energy used in the tests into heat. In this case a costly air conditioning in the burn-in and laboratory rooms is usually required. An energy recovery load takes the power consumed in the test process, converts the resulting direct current to a sinewave alternating current and feeds this back into the local supply network.

Improving the efficiency
The efficiency factor, i.e. the relationship between the DC power consumption and the AC power feedback, is the key consideration of the economics of an energy feedback load. The first feedback loads were equipped with a voltage range of 3 – 60v, load current up to 100A and a maximum energy consumption of 2kW. At maximum load 85% efficiency was able to be be achieved, whereas at low loads merely 32%. Today a 20% load achieves an efficiency of 90% and maximum load even 95%. The electronic loads with energy recovery of the latest EA series, ELR 9000 HP, release only 5% of the consumed power into the environment and 95% is recycled and made available for other consumers. 

Ecological energy usage and cost reduction

In this way energy running costs may be significantly reduced and investment in air conditioning and its associated maintenance are generally eliminated as hardly any heat losses are produced. Savings are doubled: investment and operating costs.

Benefits in summary:

  • Energy recycling rather than waste heat
  • Environmentally friendly energy usage
  • Air conditioing often unnecessary
  • Pleasant working conditions due to low noise levels
  • Reduction of energy and investment costs up to full pay back

Savings example

Charging station 60 kW, 225 working days @ 8 hours, € 0,20 per kW/h




Conventional Load

(100% energy loss)



Energy recovery load

(5% energy loss)


Testing costs   € 21.600,00   € 1.008,00
Savings per year:   € 20.520,00    
Savings over 5 years:   € 102.600,00    


A continuous, usage of an energy recovery electonic load over several hours per working day will give a pay back within a few years (avg 2,5 to 5 years) and will generate cash after that, similar to a photovoltaic (solar) rectifier.