Electronic Loads - High power desk-top loads


With the EL 9000 DT and EL 9000 T series EA presents electronic loads as desk-top devices, either top or desk-top. These achieve power of between 300W and 1200W, voltage from 80V to 750V and current of 60A. An active electronic damping of the DC input circuit maintains a high level of current stability.

The desk top models of the EL 9000 DT and T series are controlled and monitored via Ethernet, USB and analogue ports. The T models are fitted as standard with a USB port and may be optionally extended with Ethernet and analogue ports via a plug & play slot. All ports and the HMI are galvanically isolated from the input. The devices may be intuitively operated using a high definition TFT display with capacitance touchscreen. The menu is multilingual.

Extensive field of usage
The desk-top loads offer extensive functionality such as function and arbitrary generators and a battery management system so that different batteries and energy storage media can be tested without problem. Furthermore, parameters such as discharge mode and time and shut down criteria can be pre-set.  A MPPT function for testing solar panels is also included. Moreover, programmed processes can be loaded from a USB stick and test data recorded.

Electronic damping
In order to achieve a high level of current stability the loads are equipped with active electronic damping of the DC input circuit. Undesirable oscillation tendency which may be caused by unknown impedance of the supply source or long connection cables is thereby prevented.