Electronic loads - Multiple application through two-quadrant operation



With the new electronic load EL 9000 B 2Q, EA have extended their laboratory power supplies to a two-quadrant operation. The result is a higher application capability. For example, the freed-up energy by braking of a motor, various batteries and other energy storage can be tested or their mode of operation simulated.

The loads in the EL 9000 B 2Q are modular. The user can readily extend the load or fit to requirements. They have the availability of power up to 2400W voltage up to 750V and current up to 170A. Thus the voltage and current of the electronic loads are matched to those of the laboratory power supply series from EA such that these can be combined and expanded to a two-quadrant operation. In this way many more applications can be covered, e.g. the collection of energy released by a motor braking procedure. In addition batteries and other energy storage media can be tested or their function simulated.

Active electronic damping
The loads are equipped with an active damping of the DC input circuit thus guaranteeing a high current stability. Undesirable oscillation tendency is thereby prevented. On the front face the loads may be switched on or off via the HMI which shows the status of the unit. The devices are also fitted with USB ports on the front and rear faces. The ports together with the HMI are galvanically separated. Furthermore, the loads may be parametrised via the USB port allowing current, voltage and power to be adjusted.