Serving the sun


PSI9000 2U/3U: PV function according to DIN EN 50530

Light, clouds, shadow – the performance curve of a photovoltaic module is not linear. The PV function of the laboratory power supplies PSI 9000 2U and 3U can simulate these weather dependant non-linear performance curves. In this way the PV function can evaluate the total efficiency of a PV inverter. Assisted by the measuring methods defined by DIN EN 50530, the quality and function of the MPP tracker can be calculated reliably and comparably.

Simulation of all PV module types
The type of solar module also influences the efficiency. The PV function of the PSI 9000 2U is fully adjustable and thus allows the simulation of all types of solar module, whether monocrystalline, polycrystalline or thin film. Even the angle of light incidence can be entered. The PV function can thus simulate both static and dynamic light incidence: the shadow function can simulate varying light proportions from extreme darkness through minimal brightness, at which the module starts to deliver power, up to full light.

Multiple test modi
In addition, continuous tests can be created in which the daily routine of sunrise, sunset and clouding over can be represented. Furthermore, ambient temperature and parameters such as voltage and current can be defined. The quality of the inverter can be ascertained in all operating modes, minimising the effort involved.

Data saving and easy operation
The individual simulations can be documented whereby the parameters are saved at 100ms intervals in the device and can be retrieved. The PV function is operated via the HMI with TFT touch screen, integrated into the PSI 9000, or via a digital interface.

PSI 9000 PV function in summary:
-    Measurement methodology according to DIN EN 50530
-    PV module simulation is independent of the technology and performance of the solar module
-    Flexible test procedure for solar inverters
-    Simulation of light situation from dark to bright
-    Freely configurable module parameters
-    Various test modi
-    Documentation and retrieval of data