Tips & Tricks

How to install the USB adaptor E132 for the PSI6000

Step 1: Use the included driver from CD or unpack the downloaded driver into any folder (with WinZip or similiar) and run the *.exe. The driver will now the installed on your system.

Step 2: Plug the USB adaptor into a free USB port of the PC. As long as the driver hasn't been installed previously, Windows will ask for it after a short search.
Choose "Install software automatically". The driver for the particular adaptor will be installed. This procedure is repeated for every new adapter.

Step 3: The driver creates a so-called virtual COM port. That means, an additional COM port will be listed in the device manager (right-click on My computer->Properties->Hardware), which is not really existing on the PC. This one must be used to communicate with the power supply via the adaptor and the control software. The COM port has to be set up in the software, refer to the instructions manual of the software. If you are unsure, which COM port belongs to the USB adaptor, then choose any in the software and it will try to contact the power supply. If the wrong port is chosen or if it is not correctly configured an error will be reported.